Cedarleaf Oil

Updated: Aug 05 15
 Created: Jul 14 15

Cedar leaf oil is available in three sizes

Cedar Leaf Oil is distilled from cedar foliage that would otherwise be wasted. It is produced in Ontario from local cedar.

It is most often used in washes or compresses to ease aches and pains or heal skin conditions such as fungal infections or skin tags.  Sprayed on bedding, clothing or in the air, it can repel or even kill insect pests.

Cedar Leaf Oil can be used directly on the skin, but avoid applying directly on children, pets or people with sensitive skin.


Valley Cedarleaf Oil is 100% essential oil of Eastern White Cedar.  Nothing is added.

Available in three sizes:

15 ml Drops - trial size

25 ml Spray - handy to carry in purse or backpack

250 ml Spray - economical; for heavier uses

Please contact us if you need larger quantities.

Aroma Ace Essential Oil Diffuser

Updated: Aug 05 15
 Created: Jul 17 15

Two views of the diffuser showing control knobs on front and a bottle of essential oil in place.

This Essential Oil Diffuser can be used to distribute Cedar Lear Oil or Hydrosol Cedar Water into the air for aromatherapy, as an air freshener or to control mold, bacteria or insect pests.  With its "quick change" atomizer attachment and self-maintenance air filtration feature, this advanced aromatherapy delivery system provides exceptional convenience and control.


  • State of the art "cold diffusion" technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits
  • Micro-fine vapor - No heat or water
  • Built in on/off timers and output volume control for easy adjustment
  • Defense against airborne viruses and bacteria